Today.. Teenagers & Soccer (and, a nap)


Two of them.  Deanna and Nicole.

Today was Senior Portrait Day.  Of course, they must look their best.  Nicole waited until she had her braces removed before she would even schedule the photos.  So, off they went for glitz and glamour… for family photos and their infamous Senior Yearbook pics.

Nicole’s photo shoot time interfered with the start time of their soccer game, so she had to show up late to the game.  Deanna had to work and missed the game altogether.  But, I wasn’t about to miss it and I went alone and waited for Nicole.  I still love soccer as much as I did when I played as a girl.  My twins are in the U-19 Division, which is the highest division in AYSO.  I still have so much pride in their team and in their individual performances.


Today, I nick-named Nicole “Brutus.”  She literally took two girls off the field on the opposing team.  It wasn’t intentional, she was playing the ball, but nonetheless my little tank won in each showdown.

The team ended up tying today 1-1.  Better than a loss any day!

After the game we went to the most delicious “healthy” Mexican Food restaurant in town.  It’s very new, so luckily it wasn’t too crowded and the service was impeccable.  Literally, the best authentic tacos of my life, outside of the ones that I have eaten in Mexico.  We brought some tacos home for Deanna (she loves food and God forbid we ever eat without her).  She loved them nearly as much as I did.

I considered the tacos a bit of treat today.  I’ve been working on my weight.  I’ve been eating fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and healthy grains.  The weight is coming off slowly but surely and I find that the more healthy food that I eat, the more hungry I am.  (I’m sure there is a good reason for this.. but, I’ll have to consult with Dr. Oz)

Joan and Melissa: Mother Knows Best

It’s been very hot in Southern California.  Today we got a bit of a break from the heat today.  It’s been running in the 90’s, but we were down to the low 80’s today.  It’s such a relief because I do not have air conditioning in my home.  Apparently, when they were building these houses (back in the early 1970’s), the builders believed that we were so close to the beach that the ocean breeze would keep us cool.  I have no idea what they were thinking.  We’ve had fans running 24/7 for over a week now.  Sure doesn’t help when I am pre-menopausal.  What is that about anyway?  It’s like my body is on fire for no apparent reason.  I can be in a cool movie theater and feel like I am in the Sahara.  There must be a cure for this.  If you have any tips, let me know.

With a full tummy of tacos and a fan blowing on me, I took a great afternoon nap.  It was like Garfield had taken over my body.

Tonight, I am going to get some reading in.  First, I want to finish my People Magazine with the tribute to Joan Rivers.  I know many didn’t care for her humor, but when I watched her show “Joan and Melissa: Mother Knows Best,” I simply fell in love with the mother and grandmother that she was.  If nothing else, she loved her family fiercely and faithfully.  I feel so bad for her daughter, Melissa.  She must be grieving so much.  I just don’t understand how this just happened from an endoscopy.  In fact, I had one earlier this year and it was a very quick procedure without full anesthesia… rather a short sedation instead.  It seems to me that some further investigation is warranted.


Before I hit the hay, I am going to try to read some more of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.”  It was written by a fellow blogger, Jenny Lawson.  She is so relatable.

Have a great Sunday, every one.  I’m hoping to hear about the second job interview on Monday.  I’m off for Seattle on Tuesday for a college campus tour with Nicole.  I’m hoping for an awesome week!  Will keep you posted on the job interview and how awesome my trip to Seattle is going to be!

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