A Novel Menagerie is a site that I created in Fall of 2008 as a means of sharing my enthusiasm for the books that I read.

In addition to the book reviews, I also publish entertainment reviews on movies, television, music and more.  I’m a bit of a reality television junkie… so you’ll see reviews on Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelorette, American Idol and anything that suits my fancy.  I usually write gossipy remarks about the week’s TV shows in my Sunday Salon posts.

Every now and again, you might be able to find some “interesting” news in the Current Headlines section of the blog.  Although, I used to post much more “in the news” than I have of late.

I am addicted to contests and giveaways, therefore you’ll usually find a contest or two listed on the site.  You can find contest links in my sidebar and via the contests page.

The near-to-last section of A Novel Menagerie is The Menagerie, itself!  I am the single mother of very lively, 14 year old girls and maintain my personal menagerie of critters, big and small.   It’s basically, a small zoo!  But, our common love for animals is something that really keeps us connected.  So, The Menagerie is my collection of personal tales about my home life and my thoughts.  I hope you enjoy it as much as the other pages!

Each article, when posted, will reflect the insignia (i.e. photograph of the category) of the correct page where you can find more of the same! You can click on that small photo and it will take you to a brief history of all blog posts within that category.

I welcome you to my site and thank you for spending your very valuable time with me!



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